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Who we are


The way we do business is always evolving. Speed of life and business is not slowing down. We communicate faster. You want results yesterday. You want to get ahead and achieve your goals, but you are facing roadblocks along the way and facing countless distractions throughout your day.

What changes do you want to see? The results that you want to see is directly impacted by the actions that you take today.

​Where will you be this time next year? What if you have more clarity and know where the potholes are? Do you think you will achieve, or even surpass your goals?


Why we do what we do

We are a team of entrepreneurs. We understand business. We understand mindset change. And we are raised with the ideal that we can do all things if we give it our all. We know that each one of us have what it takes to succeed, and sometimes all we need is a little push and a little nudge. Our focus is to give you an unforgettable experience everyday, while pushing you to give all you can, and then a little bit more. Our success depends on your success. That's what drives us.

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For over a decade, CK Tan has worked with organizations of various sizes across the world delivering results and performance to in areas of organizational effectiveness, transformation strategies, business planning and strategy execution. Over the years, he has served and supported many small businesses, not-for-profits, Indigenous businesses and communities as a trusted advisor. Being an entrepreneur himself, he is passionate about helping high achievers like you gain clarity of your vision, develop a unique blueprint and business plan that's customized to your situation, help you find your inner motivation, and walk alongside you to achieve real, measurable results that challenges your status quo while avoiding potholes and collapsing timeframes. And, he's fun to work with.

If you are ready to take the step to launch your entrepreneurship career, take your business on a growth trajectory, or want to gain more clarity, contact CK for your free assessment.

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