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Yes You Can!


You have an idea that's been brewing for a while, but you have not taken that step to realize that dream. That vision will continue to be a dream unless you have a plan to make it happen.

You have the experience, the education, the knowledge and perhaps some scars to show.

An entrepreneur himself, CK has worked with many business leaders and entrepreneurs develop a plan that is unique to the individuals and teams that he works with. He is constantly identifying and pursuing new opportunities and methods to serve others. He is committed to lifelong learning and helping others achieve more in less time.


Areas of Specialty

CK and his team has been working with entrepreneurs, business leaders to achieve results and exceed their expectations. He has worked with government, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous businesses and communities, small businesses and large multinationals to reach positive outcomes.

His areas of focus includes entrepreneurship, business planning, organizational strategy, human resource management and talent management. Additionally, Priority Solutions is also partners with various other service providers that will provide you with other relevant services such as development and concept planning and digital strategies.


If you want to see more success in your life, your career and in your business, you need to meet CK. He will buy the coffee.

We Work With The Best

Our team works with the best in the industry to complement the services that we offer. We are proud partners of Priority Management International, Kn/a HR Consulting, and Kn/a Sourcing People to provide you with training, consulting and talent services. 

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